Hitop awarded Scientific and Technological Innovation Award
Release date:2021 - 01 - 12

Under the National policy to support the development of thekey Industry infrastructure, the China Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Seal IndustryAssociation, where in the pneumatic industry has achieved significant resultsin the "13th Five-Year Plan"

The China Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Seals IndustryAssociation has evaluated new technologies, new products and new processesdeveloped in the industries during the "13th Five-Year Plan" for recognition.

As a leading company in the industry, Hitop was awardedat the 4th Council meeting of the Pneumatic Section of the ChinaHydraulic, Pneumatic and Seal Industry Association held in Ningbo Zhejiang inDec 2020. Our Chairman, Mr. Wang Zhenli, attended to receive the award.

The award for Hitopis in recognition of Hitop's work performance and development results, but alsoas an incentive for Hitop to further development of the industrial automationrequirements and the standards for the related products. Hitop will strive tostrengthen its technological innovation capabilities.

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