HITOP – Key Manufacturers for Epidemic Prevention and Control
Release date:2020 - 04 - 30

Guangdong Province has officially selected HITOP as one of their Key Manufacturer of Materials for Covid 19 Epidemic Prevention and Control.        

As Covid 19 ravages around the world in Europe and United States, the economy has been badly affected due to lockdowns,border closure and social distancing measures. The supply shortage of Epidemic Prevention Equipment has posed an unprecedented challenge to the global epidemic prevention.        

Within one month of resumption of work after the Chinese New Year Break in 2020, HITOP has delivered hundreds of pneumatic components and automation equipment for the manufacture of Mask Making Machineries and other Epidemic prevention equipment for Specialised Manufacturers.        

The official Guangdong Province list inclusion of HITOP, recognised the competence of the company in on time delivery of quality products for such industries but also the social responsibility of the company in contributing to the global pandemic controls.HITOP will always be in the front line to support such important humanity work and to combat the epidemic and contributes to the national economic development.        

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